Taylor's Nisqually Wildlife Refuge Senior Session

December 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

My first introduction to Taylor was at her family session last December, and I could tell then just based on the way that she interacted with her family and her three-year-old little brother in particular there are few people in this world she loves as deeply and adores as much as her family. The second oldest of four siblings, Taylor said her dad and mom have truly been an inspiration to her.  

"They had kids at such a young age ... and gave us a better life than they had," she said. 

When she's not spending time with her family, the accomplished athlete is busy kicking butt at life and making friends with just about everyone she meets.

"Playing soccer with my high school team has brought so many new friendships and memories that I wouldn’t have without soccer," Taylor said. "I will miss being able to goof off with my friends."

The time Taylor and I spent together at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge during her sunset senior session further revealed a young woman who is wise beyond her years but doesn't take life too seriously. I mean, she laughed at my over-the-top corny mom jokes, and she's smart enough to know the decisions she makes after she graduates are the ones that will set the stage for the rest of her life, so she is not trying to rush them. 

"My favorite saying is 'Think about it, take your time, you’ll probably change your mind,' because I think it applies to a lot of different situations whether it is a life decision or not," she said. "My only goals for senior year are to have fun and figure out what I want to do in life." 


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