Madison's Fort Steilacoom Park Senior Session

November 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

She sat on the bench with the blazing sun beaming down upon her. Its golden glow illuminating her like a heavenly angel. "Put your hair up in this clip," AC said. "Mommm... noooo..." Madison said as she reluctantly accepted the offer of the hair clip she knew she couldn't refuse. "Please?! I just want one picture with your hair up." AC said. Mumbling something that I'm pretty sure was along the lines of, "You're lucky I love you," Madison begrudgingly swept her hair up into the clip while leaving a few lone curls to gently frame her face. "Oh ... that is just like when you were little," AC said with a slight quiver to her voice. This was it. The moment Madison had waited for four long years. She was officially a senior. And in that same moment, she was still her momma's little girl.

The scenery and weather at the iconic Fort Steilacoom Park couldn’t have been any more beautiful that seasonably hot August day. The girls energetically laughed and danced their way from location to location while their mommas leisurely strolled and reminisced about the four years that seemed to had passed by so quickly. Yep … it was the picture perfect way to spend a mid-week Summer day.



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