"Community Over Competition"...

MO at Woodard Bay (June 2019)Woodard Bay Conservation Area (June 2019) It's a simple phrase reiterated regularly in the art community, but it has a personal, deeper meaning to artrepreneurs including the CeCe Kermie Team. We know what it's like trying to juggle a full-time "day" job, a "dream" job, and a family. We know about those conflicting feelings of sadness and happiness when you miss your kiddo's first Halloween and those family holiday get togethers because you are documenting some of those same special moments for other families. We know about the late nights spent working on taxes, contracts, and Website updates after the kids go to bed and having to wake up bright and early for your "day" job. We know about the days spent trying to be productively functional on only three or four hours of sleep and feeling like all the coffee in the world isn't enough (although we certainly don't let that stop us from trying!). We know about the feelings of inadequacy and defeat that surface when you start comparing your art and business to others who started their journey at the same time or later than you did but are seemingly farther down the path.

No matter how strong of a family support system you have, it helps to have others in your corner who understand the struggle of trying to balance between supporting your family and pursuing your dreams. We get you, boo! And whether you're a newbie or veteran small business owner, we are here to support and cheer you on every step of the way. Let's connect, motivate, and inspire each other, and if you're a Washington based small business owner or an online merchant, we'll even feature your business in our Small Business Spotlight section below! Yep, you read that right - FREE advertising! 😃

If you are a minority or women owned business, we want to take it one step further by offering you an opportunity to register for one of our FREE Branding Sessions (exclusive of travel fees) that we offer each month. Availability is limited to only new clients and one booking per month, so sign up and secure your spot today! All we ask of you in return is your friendship and support ... and if you're feeling extra generous and your business is coffee, cheese, cake, and/or other delicious treats ... maybe just a little sample? 🤤


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